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Beyond Barriers


Many of the people who have been homeless or had an addiction for a long period of time, have been detached from mainstream society. This project will enable them to share their story and their heritage while also learning the heritage and journey of their local area of Southend. The group work and one to one sessions will enable recovered addicts and people who were once homeless to map their journey over the last 20 years and to also see the journey that has taken place within Southend during this time. The information gathered through the workshops and one to one sessions will be shared through an exhibition shown in the library as well as a traveling exhibition going through the local schools. Young people and people within the local community will be able to see the journey of Southend as an area, the journey of different disadvantaged groups like addicts and the homeless and also create and map their own journey through this time. this will give them the opportunity to learn about their areas history, someone elses and share their families journey through that time.

Proposed start date Jan 2013